Meet the

Student Advisory Board

Samantha Szanti

Project Manager

Responsible for the overall function of the team and adherence to schedules and plans. Facilitates team communication between mentors and students, and bridges the gap between subteams. 


Responsible for all decisions regarding the design and schedules of the robot. Works very closely with the Project Manager to develop schedules and clear communication.

Chief Engineer

Logan Rose

Jacob Jiles

Operations Manager

Ensures clear communication and transparency between the mechanical and financial subteams. Also responsible for organizing and lining up sponsor visits and presentations.

Drew Clem

Systems Integration Manager

Responsible for the seamless integration of all mechanical systems & components of the robot.  Manages the electrical, pneumatics, and sensors sub-teams.

Shane Okuhara

Fabrication & Shop Manager

Responsible for the fabrication & assembly operations of the robot.  Also manages the shop tools, inventory. and organization.

Responsible for maintaining and increasing the team's presence in our community and outreach.  Works closely with the Operations Manager in the financial aspects of the team.

Finance Manager

Kirah Knobel

Nathan Louck

Design Manager

Works very closely with the Chief Engineer to design the robot and create the needed technical drawing of the fabricated parts. Also is in charge of the training and organization of the Design Team.

Cate Harrison

Asst Project Manager

Works very closely with the Project Manager to lead the team.  Focusing on project management tools and practices as applied to the build and competition schedules.