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Meet the
Student Advisory Board

Shalaka G.

Project Manager

Responsible for the overall function of the team and adherence to schedules and plans. Facilitates team communication between mentors and students, and bridges the gap between subteams. 

Shalaka - Professional Photo 1_2.jpg

Responsible for all decisions regarding the design and schedules of the robot. Works very closely with the Project Manager to develop schedules and clear communication, and with the Systems Engineer and Design Council to lead the Design subteam

Chief Engineer

Will S.


Tim K.

Operations Manager

Oversees all operations of the team from a business standpoint, represents both Multimedia and Business subteams, and works to maintain team financial stability and sustainability.


Responsible for the seamless integration of all mechanical systems & components of the robot. 

Systems Engineer

Michael M.


Kyle/Jasper S.

Finance / Sponsorship Relations Manager

Works closely with the Operational Engineer to improve the method for building and maintaining relations with the community and the team's sponsorship base.


Liam M.

Controls Manager

Works very closely with the Chief Engineer, Head of Programming, and design and programming mentors to make sure the hardware and software are combining to work the together the best that they can.


Rose C.

Multimedia Manager

Works closely with the Project Manager and Operations Manager to lead all media and outreach efforts. Manages the media subteam, and organization of all outreach.

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