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Our Story


Team 3176 is the official FIRST Robotics Team of Brownsburg High School. The team has been in constant growth since its start in 2009. Team 3176 started with just 4 mentors and 15 students. Since then, our team has grown to have over a dozen mentors and over 65 students. Since our start, our team has qualified for the World Championship Competition three separate times. Team 3176 prides itself on its student leadership. The team has adopted a Student Advisory Board that maintains and plans all meetings, sponsorship drives, and student relations. This Board consists of seven members that devote their entire year to ensuring the smooth operation of the business the team runs. The team may be working on multiple tasks at once, but unity and imagery are always our number one goal. We operate One Team, no matter how hard the challenges.


Team 3176 is based out of Brownsburg, Indiana. Our team shows immense pride in its One Home - the Brownsburg Community School District. Our shop is currently located in the PLTW Lab inside of Brownsburg West Middle School. Our Home is not only used for the FRC Team, it is also the home of various Outreach Programs such as the West Middle School Robotics Club that Team 3176 is proud to sponsor and mentor. 


Our Mission as a team is to inspire the youth of our community to be leaders in science and technology through engagement in FIRST’s First Robotics Competition (FRC) that improve and foster skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Through the acquisition of these skills students become more adept in real life experiences and gain self-confidence, communication and leadership experience.

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