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Fabrication Team

The Fabrication team is responsible for ensuring the proper construction of the robot as well as working with non-technical subteams, such as the Graphic Design team, to design the robot’s aesthetics while still being functional.

Finance Team

The finance team makes sure that our team is financially stable and prepared for upcoming events and fundraisers. Our team functions like a small business, so it is essential to have a firm financial system set in place. This team is responsible for making and upholding our Bill of Materials, which we have to have in order to compete. As well as our budget.

Multimedia Team

The Multi-media  team is responsible for creating and maintaining the team image across Team 3176’s uniform, robot decals, team colors and logo, buttons, flag, brochures, and signs. This diverse team is also responsible for maintaining the Team 3176 webpage, and creating the email newsletter.  The media team makes sure that Team 3176 has visual evidence of all the work that has been put into the robot and build season process.

Design Team

The design team is responsible for collecting the ideas of the entire team and utilizing virtual tools such as CAD to design and prove concepts for the Fabrication Team to produce.

Programming Team

The programming team is the glue that ties everything together.  Once the robot is designed, the programmers begin to take what was built, and make it come to life.  They work with all of the other subteams to create the program that will allow the robot to perform its tasks.  Beginning with some autonomous code, they then refine the movements of the robot to be able to successfully "play the game".

Website Electrical Subteam update.jpeg
Electrical Team

Our Electrical Team is primarily responsible for bridging the divide between the Programming Team and the Design team, making ideas into reality. Their abilities in wiring the robot connect programming components to physical items.

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